The Business School is in Stratford-upon-Avon in the UK, but our students are all over the world. Our courses are delivered by tutor-supported Distance Learning. We are innovators and our unique blend of study materials and internet-based tutor support has made us a leading provider of business and management qualifications by Distance Learning.

We value the fact that our students find us approachable. Those who have previously studied at a traditional college tell us that they get far more individual help with Stratford Business School - and waste far less time! Most of our students "talk" to their tutor using e-mail, and some use post, telephone or fax.

Every person is different. That means that everyone has different demands on their time, different ways of learning and different plans for the future.

I hope that you find that our individual approach to learning brings benefits that meet your own needs.

Marc Gisborne

(Courses are validated by Edexcel, the UK's leading awarding body)